Friday, March 2, 2012

Ember Friday

Often our Fridays are quiet, stay-at-home days. Today was no exception.

I spent Louisa's first nap doing a little reordering of Maria's wardrobe. Father Christmas and St. Valentine were very fashion-minded this year (Thank you Muschi and Meme!). A few weeks back, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choices (and piles of laundry) that were resulting from her large wardrobe. I picked out six outfits and boxed up everything else. I also made these little diagrams.

It has proven to be one of my more successful organizing schemes. Maria likes looking at the diagrams and choosing what she'll wear the next day, and it's a relief to not be confronted by overfilled bins of clothing each morning. She's also been looking more coordinated.

My task today was to swap out some wintry outfits for some spring-ish ones. I hope soon to get around to diagramming my own wardrobe and maybe Donnie's as well. Lou-lou's wardrobe will have to wait till she's out of the drool and spit-up stage. For now, we're just try to keep her clothed.

Later, we headed outside to collect cherry blossoms to press. It's exciting to see the garden under the spell of a new season.

Maria wanted to wear the special occasion outfit I swapped into her closet today, because she it makes her look like a "ba-lay daser."

We also kicked a ball around. It's silly, but I still feel happy when Maria gets mud on her clothes. It seems like a sign of a well-spent childhood.

Two pine cones found their way into the flower collection box, and pulverized the cherry blossom and daisies we collected to press. Happily, there will be more to pick in the days ahead.

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