Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quotable Maria

Doesn't Maria's determined, yet far-off expression remind you of a romantic poet?   Check this out 
A few memorable lines:

While using the creamer from her tea set to pour imaginary water over Louisa's head:
  "I am bath-tizing Weeza!"

During our afternoon snack, Maria sums up the perks of being older:
"Loulou eats paper and I eat cake"

After seeing that the toilet still looks rather dirty despite my efforts:
"Mommy, you need to try cleaning the toilet again."

Donnie's beard is a little on the long side:
"Daddy, your face needs a haircut."

Upon going into the bathroom:
 "Oh-my-gosh, it is tinksy in here!"

Though Maria's rearrangement of s diphthongs probably won't be with us much longer, "Tinksy" is on its way to being a permanent part of the family vocabulary. 


  1. I LOVE "tinksy." These are so funny!

  2. "Lou lou eats paper and I eat cake." Love this! Not only because it's true, and hilarious, but I like that she gets some satisfaction from that realization and perhaps it bolsters the fun of being the big sister...instead of the drudgery of "You're older so you have to teach her how to be kind/not hit/share/etc." I miss you guys so much!