Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pre-Christmas Marketing

Here's me playing catch-up.

After Mass on the last Sunday of Advent we went to the Palaiseau  market to buy some fish for our Christams Eve dinner and a roast for Christmas Day.  A few pictures from the trip:

A Boulangerie and Patissier displaying Buche de Noel in their window.
A fishmonger's shop decked out for the season.

Capon and fattened hens for sale, heads and feet on.

The poultry stand where we buy our Christmas roast.  We are pleased to find the same vendor who sells at our neighborhood Lozere market.  She's friendly, greeting us in her rolling, Spanish-accented French (she's from Columbia).  Today we buy a trussed goose roast.  She gives us a few artisan chicken nuggets for the kids. 
The fishmonger's stall, where we purchase two flounder.

Pretty fish.

On the street, heading back to the Palaiseau train station.  It's a gusty, cloudy day that threatens rain.  There's an urgency and furtive character in the movements of the shoppers.  Vintage Christmas airs are piped in over the loudspeaker system, the quavering voices adding a note of melancholy---but maybe that was just me being hungry.

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  1. Oh, I feel like an expert in French markets now! I love these photos, especially the one of Maria with her hat all askew. Adorable :)