Saturday, April 27, 2013

Connecticut Bound!

My last post ended with a cliffhanger.  Here, without further ado, is the resolution.

Donnie has been offered an assistant professorship at the University of Connecticut.  We're Connecticut bound, Baby!
Colleen and Mark very sweetly brought us some UConn chocolate bars.  I asked Donnie to be in this photo, seeing as it's him who got the job, be he protested that his hair is too long at the moment.

During the job search, we had the comfort of knowing that if the hunt didn't pan out, we had the option of doing another postdoc.  Even with this assurance, the search involved plenty of hang-wringing and soul-searching.  (How fortunate that the job search overlapped with Lent!)  The offer from UConn arrived the Tuesday after Easter Sunday.  Donnie signed into the Skype meeting with the UConn people, not knowing what to expect.  "So let's talk salary,"  said the department head.  And thus we were put out of our uncomfortable state of suspense and launched into giddy excitement.

There are, of course, many new anxieties (the details of relocation; the challenge of starting afresh in a new community; nervousness that this will be our "for real" home) but we are so very happy about our destination!

It's an oh-so-reasonable ninety minute drive from Donnie's folks in Southern CT and about two hours from my parents in New York.  When Donnie began the application process, the possibilities were so far flung and the competition so stiff that we hardly dared to hope that we would land near family.  It's wonderful the way the chips have fallen.

We're also excited at the prospect of living in bucolic Northern Connecticut.  We've been city folk for a while, but have long cherished hopes of having backyard chicken and woods for the kids to scramble around in.  We're also  hoping that the reasonable cost of land will mean that our dream of designing and building a house will be fulfilled in the next couple of years.

So if you know anyone in the Storrs/Mansfield area, or have any advice, let us know!  We're eager to love this new home.


  1. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! And how wonderful that you get to be near family. We are so very excited for you.

  2. Yay!!!! Congratulations Don! We are so happy for you!! Do you know approximately when you will be moving back? And what will Don be teaching/researching?

  3. We'll be returning the beginning of August. Don will be in the Computer Science department. He's slated to teach an Intro to Computational Geometry course this Fall. The teaching load is light compared to some of the other positions he applied for, and he's happy that he'll still have time to do research.

    Thanks so much for the congratulations!

  4. What no questions for someone who lived there for 7 years???? Congratulations!

  5. I just saw this post -- congrats to you both, what a wonderful outcome!!