Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Neutral

This Thursday we have an 8:30 am appointment at the US embassy.  We hope that at the conclusion of the appointment, Louisa will be on her way to having a social security card,  a passport and a consular birth report--in other words, all the hologram and seal-bedecked documents necessary for a fabulous life as an American citizen.  Of course, there are a bunch of forms to be filled out for Thursday.  Donnie and I both need to be there with documents in hand--passports, expired passports, marriage certificate, etc.  The list is actually more reasonable than the requirements for most French administrative appointments.  We're also required to bring two American passport-size photos of Louisa.

When we needed passport photos for Maria, I stopped into a Kinko's, where they charged me $15 dollars for two photos of Maria looking like a chubby serial killer.  Yes, Kinko's can take a relatively skinny baby and make her look like a chubby serial killer.  For the pictures of Louisa, we decided to take our own, and crop them to the correct dimensions.

I thought I'd share a few of the photos from the shoot:


The photo must have "a neutral facial expression and both eyes open" and must be "taken in full-face view directly facing the camera."   Maybe Kinko's earned their money.  Baby neutral is not easy to catch.

Among dozens of images, one fit the bill.

We'll pick up the prints tomorrow.  Please say a little prayer that our appointment goes smoothly.  It should be routine, but I'm snake-bit after our round-trip to the airport.


  1. chubby serial killer... Julia you are too funny, and Louisa is too cute for words!!!!!

  2. She's adorable--a little French baby!

  3. What a pretty baby! She's lovely!