Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Visit from Uncle Chester*

Our good friend Nic visited us two weeks ago (April 19-22). Nic roomed with Don at Princeton, and again during grad school in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for us, Nic's studies took him across the pond to England. This visit was his first time meeting the girls, and the first time we'd seen him in many years.

It was a happy weekend. There really is nothing like sharing a meal (and some fine, summer-appropriate whiskey) with an old friend. Aside from being a long-time comrade, Nic is one of the brainiest and most sociable people we know. He regaled us with stories of about his time in the rarified air of Oxford and Cambridge. He talked math with Donnie.

Nic got a taste of our "vita domestica." He visited the market with us, toted our recycling to the drop point, and listened to us discuss the finer points of sleep-training. To top it off, he got to hold a tooting baby. Now doesn't that make you want to visit!

Just before his departure, we made sure to take these pictures.

Lovely to see you, Nic! We hope it won't be long till our next meeting.

*After a mysterious packaged addressed to "Chester Oxford" was delivered to the boys' apartment, Donnie and I decided that Nic must be using the name as an alias. Since then, we have received a number of communications from Uncle Chester, in the form of postcards, letters, and even a chocolate rabbit. Write on, Uncle Chester.


  1. How fun! Wish we could visit you too!

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  3. I should clarify that the package was really addressed to C. Oxford. We merely surmised that if it was indeed Nic's pseudonym, the 'C' was almost certainly short for 'Chester'.