Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Eastertide

"Christ our Lord is arisen"

"That is a true truth. Hallelujah, hallelujah!"

Nature knew it was Easter and put on a sweet face. New leaves came out on the trees and the cherry blossoms and magnolias were at their zenith. We woke at the usual time and had a breakfast of homemade bread and chocolate malt balls. We washed the baby and even got her to take a morning nap before heading out to the Oratory for Mass. Marimar felt properly jubilant during mass and crooned along with the scola. During the homily, her croons turned to full-out crowing, so I moved to the back. (I was sorry not to hear the end of the homily--Fr. Drew was speaking about the meaning of the the empty grave--the need to encounter a kind of existential emptiness before fully understanding the glory of the risen Lord.)

After mass, we took pictures in front of Oratory's flower beds. We saw a number of friends, including Eva and Nate; Niki and Peter; Lynn, David, and Gracie; and the Memole clan. Everyone looked wonderful in their Easter outfits, especially the children. Lynn has some lovely pictures on her camera. I hope to share them soon.

We went home and prepared to spend the afternoon feasting. How great it was to have all the food prep done and have nothing to do except lay the table and make the salad! Our friends arrived--Ritesh, Josh, Lynn, David, Grace, Brian, and Fr. Mike. Their wonderful contributions made an opulent meal. The menu included three beautiful quiches (Brian), sausage and pepper empanaditas (Lynn), pasta salad, seafood salad, braided egg bread, a fruit platter (Josh), strawberry-rhubarb pie (David), tiramasu (Fr. Mike), and maple candies (Ritesh). After the meal Don and Brian went outside to juggle. Ritesh, Marimar and I were their audience.

It was a glorious day and a wonderful beginning to the Easter season!

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